TOU.TVTOU.TV is Radio-Canada's web tv. This is the TV spot for the new service.

Over a week, walls were built, painted white, to recreate a room. Then all the computers, TV screens and accessories also had to be painted white and still had to remain in working order. Then the assembly began and the logo was painted in to the set from a specific and precise point of view where the camera needed to fit in order for the text to pop out. Move left, move right, up and down and the typo would break down. The TV spot was all shot in Red.

Original idea, Concept, Art director, Producer / installation
Karim Charlebois Zariffa

Director (Radio Canada)
Simon Édouard Pilon

Storyboard, paint, concept
Pascal Brousseau

Building the set, paint, accessories,
live animation

Francis Dakin-Côté

Writter (Radio Canada)
Claude Frigon

DOP / cameramen
Étienne Boilard

Technical director
Colin Beaudry

Compositing and animation
Alt Productions

Orange Orange

Simon Duhamel

Project coordination
Catherine Coutu

Kyosuke Nishida